Monday, July 20, 2009

Up's & Down's

Since a year has passed since Karissa went to heaven, I have had many more up days than down days. It is quite surprising to me and really just hard for me to explain. I know Mark gets it though. I don't even have to explain it to him. He just gets it.

Mark asked me just yesterday why I haven't been writing on my blog lately. My response was that I haven't been as sad lately. Thinking more about it, I tend to write when I am sad or missing Karissa more than usual. It helps. A lot.

So now you must be thinking that I am probably having a rough day today because here I am, spending time on my blog. But really, I am not doing too bad. I just want to write, for Karissa. I want to write for Epilepsy Awareness. I want to write so that maybe someone else may be encouraged through my words.


  1. Encouraging. My the Lord continue to give you strength!

  2. The bond that you and Mark have is great! I'm so glad he understands you and that he is patient with you. I'm also glad you are having better and brighter days....That makes me Happy! You deserve to be Happy!