Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Late March 2012

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary and we were able to get everyone together to celebrate. This rarely happens since we all have crazy schedules.
~Flowers especially picked for my mom~

~The cousins~
~The family~

~This face has mischievous written all over it!~
Preston and Ethan always keep us laughing. They are both total hams, especially Ethan. They love playing outside. The month of March was a bit on the warmer side, so I brought out the water table. They are also obsessed with bubbles! The Redlands Bicycle Classic also takes place every year during the month of March. We usually host a few riders from a team but this year our team dropped out of the race due to injuries so we didn't get to host. Boo... But, we did get to meet Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race! We are big fans of the show so it was quite exciting to meet him!

~I found my belly button!~

~Hangin' out in downtown Redlands watching the classic~

~I'm just a tad bit excited!~

~Quite an amazing site to see!~

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