Thursday, May 10, 2012

The 8th. 46 months.

I'm still updating my blog but had to write something that's been on my heart and mind. I meant to post this on the 8th of this month but didn't get around to it. Anyways, two days ago, on the 8th, which was 46 months since Karissa went to heaven, I went out to lunch with two beautiful friends of mine. One of my friends that I was having lunch with lost her son on November 17th, 2011, almost 6 months ago. As we were sitting around the table, I mentioned the date and that it had been 46 months since Karissa died. I felt kinda strange mentioning it, as if one would think it's odd that I remember the 8th of every single month. Why not just keep track of the anniversary? But, my friend responded by saying that the she will ALWAYS remember the 17th of every month, even though most people won't and most probably don't care. She will always count every month that passes since her son's death. At that moment, I felt an instant bond with her.

I then asked her when her son's birthday was. I hadn't any clue and I wasn't even sure if I should ask the question. Would I offend her? Would she be a crying hysterical mess? But, I did because you know what, I knew that it would mean a lot to her just as it means a lot to me when people ask me when Karissa's birthday was. She was so happy I asked and said that they were going to celebrate his birthday every year just like Mark and I celebrate Karissa's birthday every year.

I get that people won't remember the birthday's and month anniversaries and so on. But, it is wonderful and comforting to know that there are other people in this world, like my cherished friend, that get it.

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