Thursday, May 10, 2012

February 2012. Good, Bad and Bittersweet.

Like the title states, February was an emotionally weird month. We went through another round of IVF using our remaining 2 frozen blastocysts. FAIL! I posted about it a few entries ago. More than 2 months later, I'm still trying to move on. I don't feel like posting about my thoughts and all the random things that are going through my head regarding the failed cycle, what to do next, etc. Maybe another time...

We signed the boys up for My Gym. The last time I had set foot in the place was when I took Karissa for a birthday party. I fought HARD to keep back the tears. I did a fairly good job. The boys loved it!! And I love it too, mainly because my boys are just plain awesome and are learning new things every time we go. Yes, I'm very proud but also very thankful that my boys are healthy. 

When I used to take Karissa to Gymboree, she was always off doing something else. I worked so hard at trying to get her to sit during circle time or take part in the organized activities. It was always a struggle for me to take her because she just couldn't do things that the other kids were doing. It was truly heartbreaking for me. So, to see Preston and Ethan progressing so much at every class,  just makes my heart so, so happy! 

Preston and Ethan also had their first visit to the park. It was the first time back to this particular park since taking Karissa. All they wanted to do was run around and explore! It was fun and I love all the pictures that captured a memorable afternoon spent at the park.

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  1. I just super duper LOVE those boys!!! Oh my goodness they really are awesome! :)