Saturday, August 15, 2009

My little traveler

Karissa was probably the most well-traveled 3 1/2 year old. Mark and I never thought twice about going on vacation with Karissa. We took her everywhere! Her seizures and special meals didn't stop us. No way!

Karissa was an amazing little traveler. Always content. Always happy. Better than I can say for myself. In her short life, Karissa traveled to Colorado (1st time on an airplane), Chicago, Utah and San Francisco. More local places included San Diego (on several occasions), Las Vegas, Palm Springs and La Quinta. Mark and I have so many wonderful memories of all the trips we took with Karissa.

Since Karissa has been gone, Mark and I have been to Manhattan, Virginia, Washington D.C. and Solvang. It is so difficult making new memories without Karissa. It is all a part of moving on I guess.

Just last Saturday, Mark and I left for a 5 day vacation to Paso Robles. While I was very excited, I had a hard time leaving. I remember telling Mark that I wanted to take her room with us. Silly huh? I was crying fairly hard and I was holding her little ladybug blanket. I ended up taking that blanket with us. I figured that at least her special blanket could travel with us even though she couldn't.

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