Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Christmas 2011. Part 1.

I'm finally posting pictures from Christmas! Yay! Most of the pictures are from Christmas morning. There are a few with Karissa's tree as well. This Christmas I didn't go all out crazy like I normally do. I did more decorating outside instead.

On Christmas morning, we started by opening our presents, stockings first. The boys weren't as mesmerized by all the wrapping paper and boxes like I had wished. There's always next year. :~) Following our presents, we devoured our homemade cinnamon rolls. Yummy!!

We have started a few traditions but I would love to have many, many more. One of my favorite traditions is that we buy an ornament to hang on Karissa's tree so she will always be remembered during the holiday season. I actually started this tradition last year. When the boys are old enough, I hope to have them each pick out an ornament for their big sister to hang up on the tree. Enjoy the pictures!
~Karissa's tree~
~I adore this picture. Ethan is looking at one of Karissa's handmade ornaments on her tree~

~Ornament a very special friend made for me~
~Karissa's precious hand print~

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