Friday, February 17, 2012

Christmas 2011. Part 2.

This post is gonna be just a bunch of fun pictures. After Christmas morning at our home, Mark and I and the boys went to my parents house to celebrate with my sister Chelsea, her husband Robby and Riley. Growing up, our tradition as a family was to have a huge breakfast. We try to do our best to continue the tradition with everyone. I love Christmas!

~The ladies and gentlemen~
~Cake pops I made~
~Preston is ready for presents!~

~Riley with her daddy~
~My gorgeous niece Riley~
~Guess he didn't like his present?~
~Books make the best gifts!~
~Where's Ethan?~

~My daddy!~
~Ethan & his froggy. He took it with him
everywhere the rest of the day!~

~Quite the contemplative one~

~Blowing kisses!~
~The fam~

~Cake balls, or drops of heaven~

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  1. Loved seeing your parents with their precious daughters and families! What joy for them to have their grandchildren near to enjoy times together. Your mom has been a friend since my year spent in California back in 1967-68 when we attended Pasadena high School