Sunday, August 22, 2010

Moving right along...

I read a few blogs written by women who have traveled the road of infertility and are now pregnant with the help of IVF. Most document their weekly progress. I haven't ever done this, mainly because I don't consider my blog an infertility blog. This week, I thought I would do it for fun.

How far along:
26 weeks

Total Weight Gain: do I have to tell you?

Symptoms: back pain which just started last week; heartburn in the morning that is so bad that I end up vomiting if I eat before noon; coffee, stinky trash and my stinky dishwasher will also induce vomiting; swollen hands and feet, which I imagine, will get progressively worse...I can no longer wear my wedding rings :((; very mild Braxton-Hicks contractions; I am already feeling quite uncomfortable and I still have 12 weeks to go.

Stretch Marks: 3 that are so small and low that you can barely see them. I had them after Karissa so hopefully I won't get any new ones. Good work belly butter!!!

Sleep: Horrible. I wake up every other hour to go to the restroom. I cannot seem to get comfortable and I usually wake up every morning feeling like someone is drilling a large screw into whatever hip I slept on.

every night when I am going to bed, there is a battle that goes on in my belly. I swear they are doing tumbling passes too. I love falling asleep to my little guys moving around. They are usually quiet during the day.

Food Cravings: none.

What I Miss: running, cycling, resistance training (P90X anyone?), red wine, soft cheeses and sushi/sashimi.

What am I looking forward to: all the above and of course meeting my little guys!! xoxo November please come quick!!

too many to count! I am so thankful that everything is going well. I have had no signs of pre-term labor, my cervix is long and closed, the babies are growing just as they should and my doctor is very pleased with how this pregnancy is progressing. I hope to make it 38 weeks and with a vaginal delivery but only time will tell... I am doubtful I will meet either of these but that is just my realistic brain talking. I am really still trying to stay optimistic. Only 12 weeks or less to go!!! Oh my!

Now, some belly shots.

~0 weeks and 0 day; a week or so before I got pregnant~

~5 weeks~

~12 weeks~

~17 weeks~

~24 weeks~

~25 weeks~

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