Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bubble Wrap

As the day draws closer, I find myself becoming more and more emotional about the health of my babies. However, I have absolutely no reason to worry. So far, everything is going great. My OB and perinatologist are beyond pleased with how my pregnancy is progressing. I will be 35 weeks tomorrow and have not shown any signs of pre-term labor and haven't had any other health problems, such as pre-eclampsia or gestational diabetes. I haven't had to go on bed rest and have tried my best to take care of myself. It's all paying off...the babies now weigh 5 pounds 2 ounces and 5 pounds 5 ounces! Wow!! I was hoping and praying that they would make it to 5 pounds at delivery. My OB even seems to think I will make it all the way to 38 weeks. Yikes!! I am already measuring around 45 weeks. I can't imagine how big I will be in another few weeks.

But, while my little guys are doing great, this momma is freaking out. Will one or both have seizures? Will I walk into the room one morning to find one of them blue and not breathing, or even worse, dead? Yes, I'm scared, but it's completely understandable. I don't even want to imagine walking down that road again. Right now they're safe in the confines of my belly. They are with me all the time. Just how I want it to remain...forever.

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