Friday, May 14, 2010

Vivid. Crystal Clear. Memories.

Perfectly groomed grounds.
Bright flowers.
The smell of the air.
The many many trees that lined the walkways with their trunks painted white.
The waterfall.
Sounds of the maintenance people and housekeeping driving by on their carts.
Stillness of the desert nights.
The porch.
The way the air felt as I held you on the porch while you were sleeping.
Splashing in the pool.
The perfect words you spoke to me that I will cherish forever.
The starry nights.
Beautiful mountains.
Discovering your first two freckles on your perfect little face.
The cool tile of the bathroom floor.
The crickets.
Watching you hold daddy's hand as you walked across the street.
Feels like just yesterday you were here and we were enjoying our very last vacation with you.
I want those days back but all I have left are the sweet memories that I never, every want to forget.
I miss you.


  1. Adrianne so beautifully said. Thanks for keeping her memories alive. She was an Angel! We all miss her! What a beautiful page and tribute to her life :-)

  2. I was talking about that vacation today also, and remembering her sleeping on the floor in our hotel room while we ate hummus, cheese, crackers, olives and grapes, and good drinks. YUM! Special memories we will always treasure. How lucky we were to share that last week with her.

  3. I was talking about this vacation today also, remembering Karissa sleeping on the floor next to us, while the four of us ate hummus, cheese, crackers, grapes and other good things. Yum! We have such special memories of that last vacation with Karissa and will always treasure that last week with her.