Thursday, May 6, 2010

Another dream

I am still alive and well! I have just been very pre-occupied for the past month or so.

I had another strange dream last night. Once again, the recurring theme that I blogged about a while back was very much present. I dreamt that my house was on fire, only the house was identical to mine on the outside but the inside was identical to my parents. Karissa's room was my sister Chelsea's room, which is ironic because that is where Karissa would sleep when my parents would watch her.

When I saw that the house was on fire, I grabbed Karissa and her ladybug blanket and told the two strangers that were with me that we needed to get out of the house. We ran into the backyard. I was frantic and ran back into the house to get all of Karissa's scrapbooks and her memory box filled with very special items like her first tooth, locks of hair and her homecoming outfit. I wanted to retrieve these items because I figured they were all the memories that I had left of her. Very precious memories that I cherished, especially since she was gone. But wait, wasn't she just outside, alive and well?

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