Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Memories. 2005~2006~2007

Karissa's First Thanksgiving ~ 2005

We started a little tradition. Mark, Karissa and I would go up to the mountain house on Thanksgiving Eve, eat a yummy dinner with Mark's parents and then spend the night. It was always soooo much fun! This was Thanksgiving Eve, 2005.  Karissa was already decked-out in her Christmas jammies too!!


Karissa's 2nd Thanksgiving ~ 2006


Karissa's Last Thanksgiving ~ 2007

Thanksgiving ~ 2007
I love this picture! This was taken on Thanksgiving morning. We had gone into Lake Arrowhead to walk around. We had to buy Karissa an outfit because she was in desperate need of a change of clothes from a little accident. I forgot to bring an extra change of clothes with us...oops!!!

Another memory I have of that last Thanksgiving was that my mom-in-law made orange meringues for Karissa that were virtually calorie and carbohydrate-free. We hadn't officially started the ketogenic diet yet but were trying out some new things that were 'keto-friendly.'

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