Sunday, November 29, 2009

For now, it's just a dream

I would one day love to see a "Team in Training" but for Epilepsy. Obviously, it wouldn't be called "Team in Training." I think "Team in Training" is such a wonderful cause and way to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma. But, could you imagine the money that could be raised if there was a "Team in Training" type concept for Epilepsy? I think it would be awesome! It has actually become a dream of mine, I just do not know where to start. I am sure there are others who have the same vision.

But, for now, this is how I raise Epilepsy awareness at every run or triathlon I participate in. And, of course, I run in memory of Karissa. These pictures are from the last triathlon I did. It was interesting to see the reactions of other racers when they looked at my legs and arms that I had drawn with purple ribbons. On the back of my calf, I had written "For Karissa." A woman that was running behind me said "For Karissa! She hears you!" That brought tears to my face and brought me so much joy!

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