Friday, January 21, 2011

With twins, it all flies out the window!

As I sit here writing this, I have two screaming babies, both in their swings and in their separate rooms. I'm about ready to lose my sanity, which is why I'm just letting them 'cry-it-out.' I have twins, don't judge me. I was never a believer in the idea of letting your child 'cry-it-out.' I also despised pacifiers, bottles and formula.

Before Karissa was born, I was adamant about not giving her a pacifier or formula. I never bought a pacifier and she never had one single taste of formula. Giving her a bottle, of pumped breast milk of course, was pushing it. I intended to do the same with the twins, but it became quite apparent to me, very quickly in fact, how much different things are with 2 newborns.

I had every intention of exclusively nursing the twins. I was heartbroken when our Lactation Consultant, whom we met with on various occasions, said that I would need to supplement with formula to get the boys' weights back up. They had each lost more than 10% of their birth weight and my body wasn't making enough milk yet to nourish two babies. We followed a crazy feeding schedule for a few weeks and finally got to stop the formula once they had gained weight. much as I despise formula, I still use it. Life with twins is beyond crazy and formula is now my sanity saver, as I prefer to call it!! And, quite honestly, I don't really feel like sitting around all day long nursing either. I don't really give them all that much, maybe 4 oz max/day, so, I guess I'm not doing all that bad. Oh, and pacifiers are lovely little devices too! Now, I'm off to nurse a baby or two.

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