Monday, November 1, 2010

Progress & Heartbreak

This entry was written a few months ago, I just never got around to posting it:

I cannot believe the progress I have made with Karissa's room. I don't know how I did it...must have had a little help from an angel up above. I organized and labeled almost everything and put it all in her closet. The other closet has all her toys and new stuff for the boys which I will put in the other room once it is complete. I cleaned out her dresser and moved it out of her room. A few of her pictures are still on the wall. It is breaking my heart to take them down. We have put some in our room. But, what is the most heart-breaking is taking down her bed. The other day I just cried all day about it. I told Mark that when it goes, it will feel like it is no longer Karissa's room.

I did end up throwing a few things away but I kept mainly everything. Eventually, I will move everything out of her closet but at the time, my mind (and heart) could only process so much. It was very tough. How do you put memories in a box, or, in my case, many boxes?
Since writing the above, we have made quite a bit of progress. The rooms are done. Actually, they have been done for a while but I just haven't gotten around to taking and posting pictures. The babies will be staying in our room in the co-sleeper until they are too big.

The yellow room was Karissa's room. We kept the color the same. I finally managed to move Karissa's bed out of her room, only I didn't do it. I had Mark and my dad take it down while I was at my baby shower back in September. The last picture is one of the closets in Karissa's room. All of her things, from clothes to special keepsakes to school projects are in the closet.

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