Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My birth story through the eyes of my sister

I was so happy to have my little sister with me throughout my entire labor and delivery. She captured the events of the day so beautifully. I will post my birth story in a few days, or rather, shall I say, when I have a second. Here is her recollection of what was one of the greatest day of my life.

Auntie Chelsea’s Brief Recollections:

I thought before it begins to dull in my memory that I would jot down the events of November 10, 2010: the day when my two precious little nephews made their first appearance in this world.

I was sitting in our lower bedroom sewing an apron when I saw a call from Adrianne. These days anytime that she would call, especially due to the rarity of her telephone calls in general, I would consider “is this it?” Sure enough, after a few phone tags, we got a hold of each other and she had been checked into the hospital that morning.

I got on it and set up dog-sitting for the pups, packed up some belongings, and waited for Robby to get out of the surf and get on home. We made our way up and about ten minutes from the hospital were held up by an unexpected pit stop. Our Honda decided a couple of exits away from a Honda dealership that it would get itself a rock stuck in its wheel and make a horrid sound. So, like the stylish aunt and uncle we are, we arrived to Kaiser in a minivan shuttle.

From my point of view, especially in comparison to labor with Karissa, this all happened rather quickly. On Karissa’s turn a few years back, I had time to watch an entire U2 concert, drive up and wait hours and hours in anticipation, only to end up back in San Diego by the time she decided to come on out.

Robby and I entered the L&D floor to see Adrianne, as expected, hooked up to quite a few monitoring devices. With the epidural in place and the Pitocin dripping, her contractions were going along as hoped. The first OB doc, whom I can’t remember the name of, so I will refer to him as "Dr. McConaughey" (sorry ladies, but I am referring to the Texas drawl, not the looks) and Dr. P each checked on everyone. After a few practice pushes, Adrianne was 10 cm and ready to roll.

Last minute, Adrianne decided she’d like me in the OR. And like her unique personality, her mind was made. It didn’t matter that the room would be jammed full with multiple MD’s, RT’s, RN’s, an anesthesiologist, etc.,…she held the VIP card and got her way. So as I was there at the start (i.e. the conception…not all of it! the IVF part), I was also there for the delivery.

Now for the real show: In a rather swift time, and after some impressive coaching on Daddy Mark’s part, Adrianne worked her little butt (yes, I’d choose another word, but after all this technically is a children’s story)…so she worked her little butt off, okay, so not so little…but she pushed and pushed and out came Preston at 1755 weighing a healthy 5’11 lbs. If you think that’s a good size for a twin at 37 weeks, just wait. As seen in previous ultrasounds, Preston’s little brother thought he’d show his older brother up by giving Mom that much more work. In a controversial vaginal delivery, little Ethan taunted everyone for four more minutes with his tiny feet teasing the OR audience. Following more amazing coaching by Mark and further astonishing pushing by Mama, Ethan was convinced by Dr. P’s shaky hands and some pointers by Dr. M to flex his head and join the world outside of the womb. Weighing 6’1, Ethan said hello at 1759.

After that game Ethan played, it’s surprising to think that it had been Preston that was so much more active in the womb. Of course, it does make sense that Preston has the higher pitch cry of the two, as if to say…just because he put on a big show doesn’t mean you can forget about all my activity over these past 9 months so easily!

After a couple suctions and getting the little guys all cleaned up, Mommy got to hold her long awaited strong baby boys.

The story could continue with details of the joyful grandparents getting to see these little guys, the only private recovery room on the unit that the Dr’s wife got, all the congratulations of Mark’s caring co-workers, a delicious welcome home steak dinner with a bottle of S. Lucia Pinot…but really that’s all just a backdrop to how elated we all are to have Preston and Ethan finally here.

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  1. Congratulations to the whole family! So happy for you all that the delivery went so well and that now you can hold and cuddle those darling boys this Thanksgiving with much joy!
    Thanks for posting, Chelsea! Am sure Mommie and Daddy are busy these days with their twins!
    Hi to the family from Minnesota!!