Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Haunted and Happy. Another dream.

Two nights ago, I dreamt that Karissa, Mark and my dad and I were on a ski trip. We were out in the parking lot and Karissa started running. She slipped on the ice, hit her head and started having a seizure. I started freaking out and was yelling something like "no, she's gonna die again, we can't let her die like last time." I am still haunted by that part of my dream.

Then, the other part of my dream was that Karissa was playing with a girl the same age named Emma. Mind you, I do not know any little girl by the name of Emma. Anyways, I was sitting with Karissa and I said "Karissa, where is Emma?" Karissa pointed and said "she's right there." Whoa!! I was elated because Karissa was never able to talk and had a hard time with pointing. Babbling was all she could ever really do. So, in my dream, I remember being so shocked that she said those 3 words. I was crying and praising her with big hugs and kisses. I was so happy.

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