Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Better late than never...8 month pictures!

I figured I should post the boys' 8 month pictures before they turned 9 months. :~) Ethan is now crawling and is getting EVERYWHERE! The baby gates have gone up all over our house. He is pulling up to stand and is starting to cruise around furniture. Preston is waving "hi"and "bye" and will copy many sounds and will even say "I Love You." Preston is working on his 9th tooth while Ethan just cut his 3rd. I am amazed at my babies! I love how they are so different. It's so fun!

This month has been quite fun and busy! The boys had their first plane ride. Yes, we are starting them young. We flew back to Washington DC for a conference that Mark had to attend. We had my parents with us the majority of the time which was a big help! Fun times!

This month also marked the 3 year anniversary of Karissa's death. The 8th was pretty awful, but its never as bad as the day before. I miss my girl.

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