Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ashley Family Happenings!

As promised, here is what we've been up to the past month.

The boys started eating solids. So fun!!! While I had every intention of waiting until they were 6 months of age, they both showed almost all the signs of readiness to eat solid foods. I started with avocado, followed by sweet potato and currently we are on bananas. Their first bite of solid food was a very special day, too, since we started them on March 29th, which would have been Karissa's 6th birthday.

I'm making all their food, as I did with Karissa and I love it! I went and bought the Super Baby Food book and have been using it as a reference.

~Preston's first solid food~

~Ethan's first solid food~

~I don't think he's quite sure about avocados!!~
This month we also hosted a few riders that raced in the Redlands Bicycle Classic. We hosted a few riders back in March of 2008, a few months before Karissa died. We haven't done it since, so it was kinda a big deal for us (or me really) to do it again. It brought back a lot a memories from when Karissa was here with us. ~My dad and I waiting for the cyclists~
~It's a lot of work to watch other people workout!!~

Preston's two bottom teeth have come in! I think he may be working on his 3rd, too!

Ethan is really close to sitting all by himself. Apparently, he's also a great multi-tasker, since he can barf and focus on sitting up all at the same time!

I ran my first 5K with the boys this past Sunday! It was local which was so nice. We didn't have to drive anywhere, in fact, the start and finish was right down the street from our house. I did fairly well, considering I hadn't trained AT ALL and was pushing the boys in the BOB. I completed it in 32:14, (a hideous time, BUT, I was pushing close to 60 pounds so I'll take it) and came in 17th out of 129 for my age group. After the race, we cooked up a fabulous breakfast at our house and enjoyed it with some friends who ran the 1/2 marathon.

~Ethan and I after the race~
The boys are growing up so fast. Much too fast!! They are doing well in their development and are hitting all their milestones as they should, some even a bit early! They are blowing raspberries and Preston has started imitating sounds and was copying me saying "uh-oh" just the other day. They are really starting to interact and play with each other much more now. It's so fun to watch.~And, this is how I roll when the boys BOTH demand to be held AND walked around!!~

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